• Gustavo Bastos

    Gustavo Bastos

  • Nivethetha RS

    Nivethetha RS

  • Johan Apelgren

    Johan Apelgren

  • Daniel Breston

    Daniel Breston

    Coach, facilitator, workshops, ghost writer, speaker for IT management and vendors

  • Brian Segulich

    Brian Segulich

    Business value, IT strategy and transformation. ITSM, cloud and operations automation. All posts are my own.

  • #DOES19 Las Vegas

    #DOES19 Las Vegas

    We believe in helping leaders of large, complex organizations implement #DevOps principles and practices: #DOES19

  • Sonia Comajuan

    Sonia Comajuan

  • Ricardo Canto

    Ricardo Canto

    From Networks, Security and Unified Communications to Economics, Culture and History. Learning something about everything and everything about something.

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