The increasing complexity of digital systems necessitates new perspectives and practice.

A complex tangle of tree roots and ferns

As an airline customer in the modern era, it is possible to open a mobile app, and swap to a different flight with a few simple clicks. For the end-user, this operation has never been easier than now. However, the reality of this apparently simple action is that a huge…

I presented yesterday (June 27th 2019) at the excellent DevOps Enterprise Summit, in London. The presentation is here and I’ll link the video when it is published.

One thing that was particularly interesting to me was the view from the venue, over the Thames, to the Isle of Dogs.

The Isle of Dogs today from North Greenwich — skyscrapers, with new ones being built. My own photo.


Regular readers of my articles will likely have read a number of pieces discussing the practice of Swarming — a term used to describe the partial or complete replacement of a traditional “tiered” support structure with a less rigid, more dynamic collaborative approach.

Tiered Support vs Swarming (images courtesy Consortium for Service Innovation)

It will also be obvious to those…

“Distributed systems have an infinite list of almost impossible failure scenarios”

So said Charity Majors at the 2019 Configuration Management Camp conference in Belgium. You can watch Charity’s amazing presentation in full, here:

The talk highlighted the difficulty of performing traditional testing, deployment and monitoring, when building and deploying…

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The intersection of digital transformation, DevOps, and ITSM. Articles by a senior Product Manager in the enterprise service management space. Personal views.

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